What if YOU could sell millions on Amazon…
without ever investing a dime in inventory?
Tens of thousands of sellers are making great incomes on Amazon. We know this as a fact. The strategies used currently include Private Label, RA/OA, FBA, wholesale… but there’s a challenge with each of those models – in each case it’s YOUR money, inventory, and effort that drives the process!

What if there was a another way—
without the risks, without need for capital, without any competition limits?

If you have even a basic understanding of how to sell on Amazon, there’s a goldmine of opportunity waiting for you that you’ve probably never considered.
Millions (literally millions!) of brand owners and hot products aren’t even on Amazon yet, and by helping those brands get into the market you can get paid very well without ever spending a dime on inventory! We’ve done it ourselves for big profits dozens of times. It’s a beautiful model that costs you nothing to deploy and creates a profitable win/win from day one!
Can we show you how to find these products (they are literally everywhere)!
It’s as simple as approaching the brand or product owner, asking if you can set up an Amazon account (you can get paid to do this part!), and then you put their products on Amazon. When products sell, they get paid and you get paid!
We’ll even show you why your customers will be grateful even if their products don’t sell! Just by having their products listed properly on Amazon you are doing them a huge favor and they’ll gladly pay you for the service if you follow our system!​

What You're Going to Learn

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Benefits of This Approach

There are over 30 hours of content, sample contracts and other documents you’ll need and it’s all broken down into easily referenced and searched modules. DO NOT try to go through the entire course before speaking with product owners! You’ll be ready to get started within a couple hours, and the course serves as a reference after that.
Who We Are

Brenda Crimi

Brenda Crimi began selling on Amazon in 2014 and achieved half-million in sales her first year. She quickly recognized the value Amazon would be to the success of a new brand launch and began consulting and product partnering in 2016. Since then, she has assisted over 25 brands achieve millions in revenue. As the inventor of an award-winning organizing product, Brenda has first-hand perspective as an Inventor, Brand Owner and Amazon Seller and can advise her clients from the point of idea conception, through sales. Brenda has served dozens of clients using the exact strategies taught in this course. She is also available to support all students in our active Facebook group dedicated exclusively to students who purchase this course.

Nathan Bailey

Nathan Bailey is the coaching director for Jim Cockrum's team and will be on hand assisting anyone who wants to get some one-on-one attention. He's also running several thriving online businesses himself so he's more than qualified to teach and contribute to several of our sessions. Nathan is generating solid monthly revenue by working with numerous clients using the exact strategies described in this course. While putting none of his own resources at risk he's successfully partnered with dozens of clients. He tells you his strategies for landing more clients than you'll ever be able to serve.

See What Students Are Saying About

Proven Product Partnering 2.0

I have enjoyed the PPP 2.0 course it is packed with lots of good information on what’s involved in managing a brand owners account for a revenue share.  I love the fact that they provide sample PDF documents for us to use as a starting point when making agreements with our clients.  The Facebook group is a great help as well to bring everything together and to be in a community of others doing to same for help and encouragement.  Thank you for this updated version of PPP!  I also love the gold nuggets Brenda and Nathan shared that has helped their businesses to grow.

Dwayne S.

I should start by saying that I did the PPP v1 training a couple of years ago and it was fairly good.  But this one is much better!  I like how thorough the content is and the many examples of how Nathan and Brenda have applied what they’re teaching to so many different types of businesses.  I appreciate the references to the multiple tools they have used as well.  I look forward to finishing the content, even though I have gained a lot from the course already.

Rich B.

I love this method of monetization for an online business. I need no products. No inventory. No shipping. I just need to provide my knowledge and help those that have the products. Their products. My knowledge. A win-win for both parties involved.

Todd R..

Overall this is a great strategy that I am really looking forward to executing on. I felt that the instructions were clear and complete and that I will be successful implementing.

Tim Z

I’m looking to create other streams of revenue and this is the perfect opportunity to break free of the one source of income job I currently have!

Matthew J.

The Product Launch Workflow chart cuts through the fog of “information overload” by the end of the videos. Best of all it provides a “Draw me a map and I can go anywhere” kind of confidence. 

David P..

I love the idea of templates—how to communicate and the verbiage to use. Need the practical, how-to’s, I have NEEDED THIS!!… FABULOUS RESOURCE/TRAINING. I will be listening repeatedly to get all the nuggets I need for my business.

Laurinda R.

I have…over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in inventory heading to Amazon as I write. All this in a few weeks time, without a single penny of my own money at risk.

D. Moses.

I have not completed the course but what I have seen is very good. Wasn’t sure what to expect since I was a member of the first PPP course. PPP 2.0 appears to be very different in comparison to PPP 1.0 and that I think is a good thing.

Chris J.

EXCITING NEWS! … Before I laid down for bed tonight I went to check my clients sales for the day. 20 units!!!! Their product has been on a steady growth curve since i started running their campaign on the 17th, and today we just killed it!!…This month has been their best selling month(outside of nov and dec) since 2017. Their BSR is as low as it’s ever been, and our FB campaign doesn’t even start until tomorrow!

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to do this, and now it’s time for me to start making some money. Product owners, here I come! Thanks for the PPP 2.0, you guys have really helped me start my journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Tyler M.

loving it so far… I like the way it is laid out, and I think the headers are great. …being able to browse the headers to find just what I need is great. The section on client agreement is really good because it paints the whole picture in an easy to understand way, it ties it all together, imho. It may sound crazy, but I was able to take the sample agreement and customize it for handling my clients eBay account instead of Amazon (but I will succeed in getting them on Amazon too).

Steven F.

The new revamped PPP course is amazing. Nathan and Brenda cover everything that you need to successfully start and run a partnership for a Win-Win situation. Starting off with a mindset training is amazing. Great course!

Michael M.

… in my spare time, I’ve made deals with 6 companies who already have fantastic products, and I have another 2 meetings scheduled for next week. This means that without putting up any of my own money, I’m now marketing $115,000 in retail inventory per month.

N. Lucas


…I am usually very skeptical about courses like this, especially because I am a polar opposite to the stereotypical salesperson personality. I hate selling my skills to other people and dislike speaking in groups or trying to cold call strangers to sell my services or products. HOWEVER, after watching just a few of the modules so far of PPP 2.0, the motivation and positivity levels, combined with the extremely detailed ACTIONABLE items and tasks provided by the instructors, make me believe that not only could I incorporate this model into my business, but I could see myself being very successful in it.

Pam A.


A Note from Jim Cockrum

This course officially ENDS the constant hunt for inventory while also eliminating the risks of possible Amazon account shut down that all sellers have previously worried and heard about. We worked hard to build a proven system, and I'm excited to bring you this world class training. My team and I have become well known for our creative, industry-leading training for serious Amazon sellers, and this course is among the most exciting concepts we've ever introduced. I can't wait to hear your success story!


Are there extra or hidden costs if I pursue PPP?

The beauty of this model is the fact that there are virtually no start up costs, inventory costs, marketing costs or other costs that come out of your pocket! These expenses are paid by your clients! Remember, you are doing THEM a favor by helping them navigate a platform that intimidates them!

What if I get in over my head with a client? Can anyone help me out?

See the next question below -we are here for you! A large number of very experienced sellers, coaches from our team and the course creators have formed a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to discussions and assistance for those who take this course! You can partner up with other members, seek help from the group and confidently tell your clients that, "I am member of a community that boast the most reputable, creative, experienced and PROVEN Amazon and online marketers in the world!"

Should I join the Facebook group that accompanies this course?

If the ONLY action you take is jumping into our exciting active PPP support community, you will have made a very wise investment by grabbing this course! The creators of the PPP course (Nathan and Brenda) are already actively supporting this highly engaged and exciting group. Many of our top students have already jumped in as well so you can be assured any questions, road blocks or client questions you encounter will be handled swiftly and creatively if you join us! Get details on join our PPP Facebook group below!

Should newbies take a pass on this one? Do I have to be an Amazon wizard to do this?

A resounding "NO." Keep in mind that you will be part of a foremost community of expert amazon sellers when you purchase this course and join our community. This gives you access to resources and potential partners to ensure you overcome any possibly challenge you might encounter. The worst case scenario is you get in over your head a bit so you bring in a partner or pass the project entirely to that partner and you both get paid.

Do I have to be a good salesmen to do this?

No, because you aren't "selling" anything. Instead you are just HELPING people, often throwing them a “lifeline” as they struggle with Amazon or perhaps they are not pursuing Amazon at all. Under the typical arrangement that we suggest, you aren't paid unless and until you get results - and the expense of setting it all up and testing concepts is virtually zero for either party. Once Amazon starts paying your client, you get paid your negotiated percentage. You are doing a simple free test with the client - and if/when the test works, you could both make a lot of money together.

Will this work in any country?

Yes! Manufacturers, small businesses, and companies of all types all over the world need help getting their products on Amazon. Some may want to break into the US market, while others are trying to get on Amazon in their country or expand to others like the UK, CA, or JP.

What about saturation?

You should realize by now that Amazon is the most used shopping site in the world for consumers - and they are growing so rapidly that there are millions of "product gaps" to be filled. This is a virtually untouched opportunity with millions of potential applications. The thought of saturation is laughable once you grasp the possibilities. Every organization, expert, celebrity, school, church, charity, author, small business, large business (I could go on and on) is a potential partner/client for this model.

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