What if YOU could sell millions on Amazon...
without ever investing a dime in inventory?

We've all heard stories of people raking in riches with Amazon, Right?
White-labeling, FBA and and even drop shipping...
but there's a CATCH!

It requires lots of money, inventory, and perilous risk taking.

What if there was a better way - - -
without the risks, without need for capital, without any limits?


The math doesn't lie. Even an average deal like the case study example above can quickly lead to millions. Do this 10 times and you'll make almost a million in-your-pocket this year and every year that follows.

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What You're Going To Learn

  • How to grow & profit faster on Amazon while eliminating the risk of losing your single Amazon account
  • Why this approach has almost zero risk
  • Why this approach can make you far more money than having a single seller account of your own
  • Why it's smart NOT to put all your eggs in one basket
  • Exactly where to find partners and consulting opportunities with hot products to sell
  • How to convince others to pay you big bucks while they accept all the risk & invest all the capital and provide you the inventory
  • How to leverage brand, capital, customer lists, inventory, and connections
  • How to weed out the losers, the trouble-makers, dead-ends
  • How to close the deal with clients
  • How to structure agreements for a true win/win every time
  • How to manage the client/partner relationship
  • What tools you'll need to make your work easier & more profitable

Benefits of This Approach

  • No money ever required for inventory
  • No money required for advertisement
  • No risk of capital or a product flopping
  • No risk of losing your Amazon account or getting stuck with a bunch of inventory that's not selling
  • No giving away product that you've got money invested in
  • Tap into existing fans, traffic, & customers
  • Tap into the expertise of the product manufacturer or niche expert
  • Do more products faster
  • Tap into potential celebrity connections
  • Redirect other sales channels to Amazon
  • Enter categories where no other "path of entry" may exist
  • Focus on marketing and strategy while someone else handles inventory
  • Secure your future by NOT having all your Amazon eggs in one basket
  • Get referrals to other partners & clients
  • It doesn't matter where you live or where the inventory is. This is an international opportunity.

Trello-based Cheat Sheet
& Checklist System Close Every Deal

Interactive 3D Product Launch Timeline

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This exclusive 'ALL ON ONE PAGE' Amazon Product Launch Formula reveals what others have paid up to $5,000 to learn --- YES and it's simplified so you can grasp the concept and implement straight away.

Even 'newbies' that have no prior Amazon knowledge, no Amazon experience and no Amazon training have an unfair advantage after learning the simple steps in this formula.

If you're reluctant to invest in yourself because you think you can't do this... IT'S TIME TO RETHINK. This ONE THING alone is worth more than the price of the entire Proven Product Partnering course.


Dan Hollings (your instructor)

hollings-dan-350wNot only was Dan the marketing mastermind hired by the book/movie “THE SECRET” to launch that $300 million dollar mega-hit, but he is the only person ever to take an Amazon Seller Central product to Amazon’s overall #1 best seller rank.

Dan currently manages multiple million dollar client/partner accounts on Amazon and his clients include celebrities, large companies, manufacturers, magazines, schools, niche experts, spiritual leaders, and local businesses. Dan has taught Amazon strategies to over 10,000 Amazon sellers and as a designer/programmer has developed numerous Amazon seller tools & services.

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ONE recent MONTH of Dan's earnings with his top-8 client-partners

Totalled $354,842!









More Testimonials

testimonial-elaineDan’s Amazon consultant/partnering program is a brilliant program. Nothing compares. Period. Working the program as Dan lays it out, in less than a year, I've helped one corporate client's income go from floundering to over $25,000 a month. Another start-up company I just recently partnered with, hit 40 sales a day after only two weeks on Amazon. I mean, it's shocking how partnering can turn Amazon into a gold mine . . . success is hidden in plain sight.

Strategies taught in this program crack the code. What I've learned makes the impossible possible, eliminates all risk and expands your opportunity. If you learn the this proven approach and know truly how Amazon partnering works, then man-o-man...you're so gonna love it. What can I say other than “this is beyond amazing!”

– Elaine

testimonial-ratliffI am amazed at how thoroughly this topic is covered. It's not just about how to "sell" a client on your services, it's about finding the right partners, understanding how to work with someone and what resources each person brings to the table. It covers processes and conversations and tools - really an exceptional resource.

– Diana Ratliff

testinomial-treendI think the Product Partnering Course is chock full of easy to understand and valuable information! The slides were easy to read and understand. Step by step instructions for anyone wanting to do this business!

– Gayle Treend

testimonial-daniThis training program has helped me in so many ways. Immediately after completing the course on consulting and partnering, I began working my first client, an established industry expert on an exclusive product in one of Amazon’s top selling categories. I have just put the pages up, so no revenue is coming in yet, but over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in inventory is heading to Amazon as I write. With that much inventory and a high quality exclusive product, it’s impossible not to make money. All this in a few weeks time, without a single penny of my own money at risk.  No way would I have been able to do this on my own.  I have also applied some of the things I am learning to my own branded product and within 24 hours had my best day so far!  The strategies and insights will help me in every facet of my business and my life.  Dan's Training is amazing!

– Dani Moss

testimonial-milburnThe course to me would work anywhere in the world, and I think more important it can give people who live outside the USA  the opportunity to work with companies based in the USA and other countries... and the other way around. Also it is always good to work with clients in other towns and cities in your home country. The Powerpoints reinforce the spoken word and this allows people who like to watch and listen and those who just like to listen.

– Andrew Milburn


Q: Should "newbies" take a pass on this one? or "Do I have to be an Amazon wizard to do this?"

A: A resounding "NO." Keep in mind that you will be part of a foremost community of expert amazon sellers when you purchase this course and join our community. This gives you access to resources and potential partners to ensure you overcome any possibly challenge you might encounter. The worst case scenario is you get in over your head a bit so you bring in a partner or pass the project entirely to that partner and you both get paid.

Q: Do I have to be a good salesmen to do this?

A: No, because you aren't "selling" anything. Instead you are just HELPING people, often throwing them a “lifeline” as they struggle with Amazon or perhaps they are not pursuing Amazon at all. Under the typical arrangement that we suggest, you aren't paid unless and until you get results - and the expense of setting it all up and testing concepts is virtually zero for either party.  Once Amazon starts paying your client, you get paid your negotiated percentage. You are doing a simple free test with the client - and if/when the test works,  you could both make a lot of money together.

Q: Will this work in any country?

A: Yes! Manufacturers, small businesses, and companies of all types all over the world need help getting their products on Amazon. Some may want to break into the US market, while others are trying to get on Amazon in their country or expand to others like the UK, CA, or JP.

Q: What about saturation?

A: You should realize by now that Amazon is the most used shopping site in the world for consumers - and they are growing so rapidly that there are millions of "product gaps" to be filled. This is a virtually untouched opportunity with millions of potential applications. The thought of saturation is laughable once you grasp the possibilities.  Every organization, expert, celebrity, school, church, charity, author, small business, large business (I could go on and on) is a potential partner/client for this model.

Q: How does PPP compare with some of Dan’s other courses in the marketplace.

A: Dan only teaches ONE style of doing Amazon (i.e. working with partners or clients). However he does have different variations of his program; some very entry level others extremely advanced. PPP is right in the “sweet spot” and presents the client/partnering model in full detail including all the core tools Dan uses himself. The big advantage of the PPP program is that it is priced as the “best value” of any course Dan offers without anything being left out. PPP includes a number of free tools. If you need hands-on help, the Proven Amazon Course offers the ONLY coaching program that follows the client/partner model (it is priced separately).

Q: What is AmazoWorks?

A: Think of it as like a SAM’s CLUB for most of the popular, brand-name tools and services in the Amazon Seller space PLUS many exclusive tools developed by Dan Hollings. These are the exact tools Dan uses with his clients and partners. Many of the tools are free and all others are available at prices guaranteed to be better than and other source. AmazoWorks BASIC comes free with your PPP course and optionally you may upgrade to AmazoWorks PRIME for a small monthly fee. Typically the cost of PRIME is recouped instantly on the savings from the various tool discounts. Plus, if you are using the tool with a client/partner, typically THEY should be paying for this tool.

Q: Are there extra or hidden costs if I pursue PPP?

A: Possibly yes… though we would not say “hidden.” As with any business, there are always costs. Plus depending on how you pursue the PPP model, your costs could vary. But at the end of the day, you should be able to make far more profit than your costs. The primary “extra” costs are from a few tools you might desire to use, such a a VPS (virtual private server), a keyword research tool, or an Amazon rank or sales tracking tool. 80% of the tools you’ll need will be paid for by your client/partner and AmazoWorks offers most tools at a healthy discount and sometimes free. As compared to other ways of doing Amazon, the PPP approach offers what may be the lowest cost of entry and the lowest cost on optional tools.

cockrum-jim-headshot-signatureThis course officially ENDS the constant hunt for inventory while also eliminating the risks of possible Amazon account shut down that all sellers have previously worried and heard about.  We worked hard to build a proven system, and I'm excited to partner up with Dan to bring you this world class training.  My team and I have become well known for our industry leading, creative training for serious Amazon sellers and this course is among the most exciting concepts we've ever introduced.  I can't wait to hear your success story! 

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